A Prayer For America – National Day of Prayer 2013

On this National Day of Prayer, please join American Psalms in praying for the nation. The prayer below is also included in our FREE Prayer Guide, which is perfect to print for use with your small group, NDOP gathering, Prayer Ministry or personal devotions.

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To learn more about the National Day of Prayer and read quotes by American Presidents, Click Here.


The Praying Eagle

The Praying Eagle

by Joshua J Masters

Father God,
You are great and worthy of praise.1 You have
promised to heal our land if we humble ourselves
before you,2 and today we do so in a special day of
prayer. You have blessed this nation and bestowed
freedom upon America. But we recognize that true
freedom, eternal freedom, cannot be granted by any
government, but by the Lamb of God alone:

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand
firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened
again by a yoke of slavery.3

I thank you for the liberty and freedom you have
bestowed on the United States. I lift up my president
and his staff to you. May the Holy Spirit give them
the gifts of both leadership and servitude.4
I pray for them to be encouraged and strengthened through a
relationship with you. I also ask your blessing on
American troops serving away from their loved ones,
and for your comforting hand to be on the families
awaiting their safe return.

Give us the strength to stand with our allies, but the
will to stand alone with You when necessary.
Through seeking your will, may our sovereignty be a
light to other nations and a hope to those in need.
Above all, teach us to be a nation dedicated to your
Word. Teach us to pray for our leaders5
and seek your face. Teach us to pray for repentance as our
forefathers did, and may we never be a Christian
nation by mere proclamation, but through our
actions, mercy and compassion.

(1) Psalm 145:3 2  (2) Chronicles 7:14 (3) Galatians 5:1
(4) Romans 12:5-8 (5) 1 Timothy 2:1-2



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© Joshua J. Masters and American Psalms, 2013.

Eagle photo by Andy_Emcee. Photograph licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution license.


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