National Day of Prayer – Special Offers

American Psalms: Prayers for the Christian Patriot
Save 77% on the Kindle and Nook Editions until the National Day of Prayer

American Psalms challenges Christian patriots to put aside personal agendas… and pray for our leaders as God commands.”
-Gov. Mike Huckabee, author of A Simple Government 

american_psalms_front_coverSPECIAL OFFER NOW THROUGH MAY 2: The softcoverKindle and NOOK editions of American Psalms: Prayers for the Christian Patriot are regularly available, but  for a limited time the e-book editions are available for only $2.99 each (77% off the cover price). This offer is available from April 25-May 2 in honor of the National Day of Prayer.  Simply follow these links to download the book for any Kindle or NOOK device/app. Praying for our country has never been more important. Please consider making a commitment to praying for America over the next year, and help us spread the word about this offer.nook

This prayer guide is perfect for your Prayer Ministry, National Day of Prayer gathering, Small Group or Personal devotions.

Steeped in American history with a strong biblical foundation, American Psalms takes the reader on a one-year journey of spiritual growth with weekly prayers for the nation, psalms for special days of prayers, relevant teachings to enhance your perspective and PDF worksheet downloads designed to promote prayer for America’s leaders. With prayers spanning subjects from our troops to the presidency, from NASA to the fishing industry, and from the economy to our children’s teachers, American Psalms covers nearly every aspect of American society with scripture-based prayer while teaching the reader how to regularly pray for our nation without political bias. This book will renew your heart for the nation that gives personal liberty and the God who gives eternal freedom.

Free Prayer Guide from American Psalms



In addition to our devotional book offer below, American Psalms also offers a FREE PRAYER GUIDE for use by your church, prayer ministry or in your personal devotions. Click here to learn more.


“…American Psalms, is tremendous! It is an uplifting, faith-filled treasury of inspiring prayers, solidly based in Scripture—‘an answer to prayer’ for our country at this critical time.”  [more]
-William J. Federer, nationally known speaker, best selling author of America‘s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations

American Psalms is a concise prayer guide for those who are new to intercession as well as those who are seasoned prayer leaders. In addition to motivating readers to pray for all aspects of our nation, this resource provides strategic prayer points and handy worksheets. This is a useful tool for all prayer leaders.”
-Mary Bruce, National Day of Prayer Northeast National Area Leader


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