Prayer Needed Today for Continued Tensions with North Korea

Prayer Point: Tensions on a North Korean Holiday

North Korean troops pay tribute to the Kim statues in Pyongyang, April 2012.

North Korean troops pay tribute to the Kim statues in Pyongyang, April 2012.

With tensions continuing to rise between North Korea and the Republic of Korea in the South, we especially need to be in prayer today. For those who have followed North Korea’s M.O. in the past, you know they have a tendency to make aggressive military moves on days of historical importance to them. Since today is the birthday of Kim Jong Un’s grandfather (who they consider their “eternal president” and a diety) their actions will be unpredictable. This could be a difficult day, and we want to be sure we keep our allies in prayer. The United States has sent ships and planes to the area. You may remember at the end of March North Korean state-run media released information indicating that Kim Jong Un had placed his nation’s missiles on combat-ready status in response to the United States cooperating with South Korea on military training. Their government-run television station also showed a U.S. Strike Plan in which they threaten to attack Hawaii, Los Angeles, Austin and Washington. As tensions continue to rise between North and South Korea, and Kim Jong Un threatens to “settle accounts with the U.S.”, we must be in prayer for our Administration and specifically for our Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel. We should also be in prayer for Secretary of State John Kerry as he meets with our allies in the Republic of Korea as well as surrounding countries like China. Pray also for our friends in the Republic of Korea and their president, Park Geun-hye.

For those using our weekly devotional, American Psalms: Prayers for the Christian Patriot, there’s a prayer for the Secretary of Defense on page 63 and for the Secretary of State on page 61 (Also available on Kindle).


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Image by Tormod Sandtorv, Flickr Commons.


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