Immanuel, “God With Us”

nativity2We all know the story of Christmas, but do we grasp its true meaning? We often forget that Christ’s sacrifice did not start at the cross, but when he left his Throne of Glory to enter our world as baby of hope–Immanuel. He saw that his children were lost, scared and alone. He saw the claws of a dragon sinking into the souls of his most beloved creation, and he gave up everything to bring them home and destroy the one who sought to bring us harm. In an 1854 Christmas Eve service Charles Spurgeon said:

“‘Immanuel.’ It is wisdom’s mystery, ‘God with us.’ Sages look at it and wonder. Angels desire to see it… ‘God with us.’ It is Hell’s terror! Satan trembles at the sound of it. His legions fly apace, the black-winged dragon of the Pit quails before it! Let Satan come to you suddenly and do you but whisper that word, ‘God with us’—back he falls—confounded and confused! Satan trembles when he hears that name, ‘God with us.'”

Christmas Eve with the troops in Afghanistan.

Christmas Eve with the troops in Afghanistan.

As we open our gifts and gather with family today, please remember to pray for the troops who are serving far away from their families so we can safely spend Christmas with ours. Pray for the leaders of our nation, and for God to reveal truth within our own hearts. May the God of true freedom bless this nation and the people of Israel; may Immanuel truly be with us in our nation and in our hearts. Please join American Psalms in this Christmas Prayer for America.

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Photo Credits:
Nativity Photo by Joshua J Masters
ISAF Photo by U.S. Navy Mass Communications Specialist Petty Officer 1st Class Monica R. Nelson


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