Free Kindle Book on Praying for America


The events of September 11 remind us that life, liberty and freedom are more fragile than we’d like to imagine. We at Kingdom Knight Productions believe praying for the nation is vital for our future as a country and for the spiritual development of the church.

In memory of those who were lost on that day, and to inspire Christian Patriots to pray for America, we have posted a special prayer on this site, and are giving away full copies of our book, American Psalms: Prayers for the Christian Patriot for the Kindle today.

Both the softcover and Kindle editions are regularly available for sale, but the e-book is free for download September 11, 2012. Simply follow this link to download the book for any Kindle device or App. Please consider making a commitment to praying for America over the next year on this Patriot Day and joining American Psalms in remembering those who are suffering the memory of lost loved ones today. Praying for the nation is important and a passion for this ministry, so please help spread the word.


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Photo Credits:
Original NY Photo:
 Sister72 Flickr Stream
riginal Flag Photo: Joshua J Masters


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