American Psalms Update

As we move into this Memorial Day weekend, we will be sharing three special posts. Saturday we’ll ask you to join us in prayer with an original American Psalm for our troops. On Sunday, a moving Memorial Day prayer will be posted in honor of our fallen heroes. This will be followed by a special edition of America’s Weekly Prayer List on Monday.

The prayers posted this weekend are from our upcoming book, American Psalms: Prayers for the Christian Patriot, which received a powerful endorsement today from best selling author and nationally known speaker, William J. Federer:

William J. Federer, best selling author

“Joshua J. Masters’ book, American Psalms, is tremendous! It is an uplifting, faith-filled treasury of inspiring prayers, solidly based in Scripture – “an answer to prayer” for our country at this critical time. With practical prayers for every area of life, including officeholders, farmers, business leaders, families, teachers, military, healthcare providers, Israel, Hollywood, and holidays, American Pslams: Prayers for the Christian Patriot is an easy to use and highly effective guide in spiritual intercession. 

Joshua J. Masters calls us back to our nation’s foundation of faith, just as Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull did in his Proclamation of Fasting & Prayer, April 19, 1775, the day New England farmers “fired the shot heard round the world” at Concord’s old north bridge, that: “God would graciously pour out His Holy Spirit on us to bring us to a thorough repentance and effectual reformation that our iniquities may not be our ruin; that He would restore, preserve and secure [our] liberties…and make the land a mountain of Holiness, and habitation of righteousness forever.” 

I highly encourage every American to have Joshua J. Masters’ book, American Pslams: Prayers for the Christian Patriot.”

William J. Federer, best-selling author & nationally known speaker

We are honored and humbled to have Mr. Federer’s endorsement. Please be sure to “Like” us on Facebook for updates on the book’s June release, interviews, book signings and future events.


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